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We create products that provide a holistic view of the employee’s experience. We safely and securely measure data using evidence-based research to get a real picture of employee engagement that helps us identify problems and create real solutions that fit.

Listen to Matthew Kinch interview Dignii’s Co-founder, Elisabeth about “Building a Business Case for Diversity and Inclusion” on RecTech’s lastest podcast.

How does dignii work?

Secure Data

As a trusted third party, we value the anonymity of our participants. We maintain Canadian servers, We comply with all Canadian privacy legislation and global best practices. 

Evidence-based Research

Our systems follow science. We use evidence based methodologies to collect and analyze data. 

Innovative Analysis

We analyze data through a holistic lens to get a clear picture of the employee engagement lifecycle. 

If you can't measure it, you can't improve it

Peter Drucker
Board walk rising out of fogDiversityInclusion
June 5, 2020

How Companies Can Be Serious About Anti-Racism

Everyone is talking about racism, or more importantly, the need for anti-racism. The talk has moved beyond person to person conversations, and we are now seeing companies and politicians join…
Road slow shutter
April 1, 2020

Employee Engagement, COVID-19, and Working-From-Home

COVID-19 has led (or required) most employers to initiate Work From Home (“WFH”) policies. For companies that did not have WFH policies or a remote work culture in place, this…
Laptop with Candle Stick ChartComplianceDiversityInclusion
March 5, 2020

Update: Diversity Reporting For Publicly Listed Companies In Canada – How To Do It

Diversity has been building momentum in business for nearly 20 years. We have had significant changes in law that identify the importance of diversity and inclusion, for instance, the express…

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