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Professional Services

Strategic Planning and Advice

We provide professional services to a range of local and global clients including corporations, government, universities, unions, and other organizations.

DEI Audits

We provide audits by working in-house and with expert partners to identify and address DEI issues. We find that these challenges can be structural or systematic, cultural, and individual requiring ongoing interventions to create real change.

DEI framework development

Fifteen years working in the consulting world has taught us the value of professional services and advice. We support our clients to develop the framework for their DEI journeys.

Education & Training Sessions

We also provide our clients with relevant and on-point diversity and inclusion education to achieve their specific goals. This is delivered via training sessions designed for specific groups, such as team leaders, senior executives, board members and employees. The training can be tailored for specific organizational requirements identified as part of the commissioning process. Material covered in the sessions is always based on current research and evidence-based practices.