The Diversity Dashboard is the gateway to your Diversity and Inclusion Metrics. As a third party, we safely and securely measure data using evidence-based research to get a real picture of the employee experience that helps us identity problems and create real solutions that fit.

Dignii Diversity Dashboard
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Employee Engagement

Pulse Survey

Measuring D&I metrics

At Dignii, we use established evidence-based methodologies which are simple to administer on a frequent basis to keep data up-to-date. We use the World leading Utrecht Work Engagement Scale (UWES) survey to take the pulse of employees to measure their level of engagement. We know that employee engagement leads to lower absenteeism and lower turnover, as well as increased productivity and customer service. When pulse surveys are combined with our Diversity Dashboard, we are able to generate deeper insights into engagement and identify potential challenges facing various employee demographics. As a trusted third party, we ensure the anonymity of individual employee data in part by putting employee users in control of their data.

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Once we have established what challenges to diversity, inclusion, and engagement our clients experience, we offer Professional Services. We work in-house and together with expert partners to address these issues as they arise. We find that these challenges can be structural or systematic, cultural, and individual requiring ongoing interventions to create real change. Our team has over 20 years’ experience providing Professional Services to a range of local and global clients including corporations, government, universities, unions, and other organizations.